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Audio Visual

The foundation of any successful communication system is a properly installed cabling infrastructure. CECO experts are trained to utilize the latest technology to provide you with the most advanced audio and video capabilities today—so your system won’t be obsolete next year.

From hardware and software installation to maintenance and repair, we have the resources to help you plan for the highest return on your A/V investment while meeting both your needs and your budget.

Voice & Data

Our comprehensive knowledge of cable systems, coupled with a team of skilled technicians, guarantees advanced telecommunication solutions and cost efficiency. We install voice and data for today’s needs with the anticipation of tomorrow’s technology in mind.

We understand that your voice and data systems need to be solid and dependable. We also know that your systems must be flexible to maximize the cost benefits of your investment in a world where technology is continuously evolving. CECO equips you for growth with a setup that won’t become obsolete next year.

Fire Alarm

CECO gives you confidence in your building’s alarm and security systems. We work closely with Life Safety and OSHA code requirements in order to provide you with the latest technology to keep your alarm system current and your buildings safe. Our team handles everything from installation and system replacement to troubleshooting and maintenance.

With CECO, you can feel confident in the safety of your building and comfort that the installation of your alarm system was handled attentively, efficiently and dependably.


Your building's security should not be a compromise. We specialize in new system installations, updates, replacements and repairs to provide the highest quality systems and most cost-effective solutions.

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