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When you work with us, you can expect experienced project managers, creative planners and sophisticated solutions

Electrical Construction

CECO fields an expert team to support your projects and deliver successful completions every time.

We work with general contractors and construction managers to provide dedicated assistance through all phases of the construction process.

We understand that every step in development needs to be handled efficiently, thoroughly and timely. Our team creates intelligent and well-scoped budgets for accurate proposals during pre-construction in order to mitigate missed spending post-construction. We stay on top of paperwork, meet deadlines and track ship dates to keep budgets in check and your jobsite running smoothly.

When you work with CECO, you can expect committed support and impeccable service. Our job is to make sure your project isn’t just completed, it’s a success.

Maintenance/Emergency Repair

We pride ourselves on quick-response service and attention to customer satisfaction.

Our secret to growth isn’t really a secret anymore: fast fixes make fast friends.

You can depend on our team to take care of any electrical need, from fixtures to transformers to motor controls. Whether your needs are small-scale repairs or big-building restorations, we are prepared to handle tomorrow’s maintenance problems today.

Data Network Infrastructure

The foundation of any successful communication system is a properly installed cabling infrastructure.

CECO experts are trained to utilize the latest technology to provide you with the most advanced audio and video capabilities today—so your system won’t be obsolete next year.

From hardware and software installation to maintenance and repair, we have the resources to help you plan for the highest return on your A/V investment while meeting both your needs and your budget.

Riser Management

CECO understands what it means to provide professional riser management.

We make sure everything is tracked, orderly and completely code compliant. Our technician has sole access to your riser closet, ensuring every connection and installation is logged and your space is maintained in pristine condition. Additionally, our downtown location allows us to respond to emergency calls immediately to provide the quickest assistance possible.

Fire Alarms

Life safety is the most sacred task that we perform, and fire alarm systems have zero room for error.

Human lives are precious, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our fire alarm projects are only performed by our most seasoned, experienced veterans. We ensure that our work is properly supervised, tested, and meets or exceeds every single standard set forth by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber optics are well underway in the overtaking of copper as the standard Ethernet medium.

We strive to stay ahead of the next wave of technology by familiarizing our technicians with fusion splice technology, OTDRs, and continuous fiber optic training.

Every technician has undergone training at the IBEW Apprenticeship Program and has received certification from the internationally recognized Fiber Optic Association. However, we don’t stop there. We understand that technology is ever-evolving, therefore, our techs undergo continuous education to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Security Access Control

A secured workplace can offer great peace of mind if done right.

If your security system is entrusted to a less than capable team, that peace of mind is certain to be replaced with insecurities.

Our organization not only excels at implementing a card access or surveillance system, we also have the ability to install the conduit, power, and data necessary to activate your system. Once installation is complete, we are there for you any time, day or night, if you need assistance.

Data Centers

Any power interruption is unacceptable for your business.

CECO field electricians are trained installation and maintenance experts, and our systems are put through a comprehensive commissioning process under simulated load to ensure a flawless power exchange.

You can be confident in the expertise of our team and the quality of our equipment. We’re proud to say that we have never encountered a single situation where our installation resulted in an unplanned power outage. Our systems have proven, perfect performance—every time.

Design Build

A successful design/build job is all about being able to adapt and improve, from providing ideas during preliminary budget drawings to solving issues after construction starts.

CECO stays on top of working drawings, meets deadlines, and adjusts to direction changes mid-stream.

Our in-house CAD capabilities, along with engineer support from outside partners, brings you cost-effective solutions to help you with any type of new facility development or upgrade.

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The secret to our success isn’t just hard work and a dependable team.

Our growth over the past decade has been built with honest customer service and an expanding group of loyal clientele.

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